Sur5al is an exciting one-day roller derby challenge format created by Royal Windsor Roller Derby. Royal Windsor Rollergirls hosted the first Sur5al challenge in April 2012. »


Officiating is an important aspect of roller derby; without the hard work - and exceptional rules knowledge - of the referees and non-skating officials (NSOs), no-one »

Roller Derby 101

Are you interested in roller derby but have no idea what goes on during a bout? Fear not, here's a short guide to roller derby basics. »

Upcoming Events

UPCOMING EVENTS FREE OPEN TO ALL SCRIM SUNDAY 20th OCTOBER 2019, 12:30-14:00 Charters Leisure Centre, Sunningdale For more information check out the Facebook event »

Training Schedule

Royal Windsor Roller Derby train at Charters Leisure Centre, Charters Road, Ascot SL5 9QY. Free parking is available on site, and »