Royal Windsor Roller Derby

Berkshire's first roller derby league, established 2007.


Officiating is an important aspect of roller derby; without the hard work - and exceptional rules knowledge - of the referees and non-skating officials (NSOs), no-one would ever know what was going on!

On a (very!) simple level, referees wear the stripes (and the skates). They track jammer points and look for penalties. NSOs time the jams, record the scores, and update the scoreboard. Each game needs seven referees and eleven NSOs!

RWRD is very proud of its officials; in 2018, they represented at a huge number of local, regional, and international events, including the Womens' Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester and the Mens' Roller Derby World Cup in Barcelona!

If you would like more information about officiating for RWRD, or officiating in general, get in touch at