Royal Windsor Roller Derby

Berkshire's first roller derby league, established 2007.


Sur5al is an exciting one-day roller derby challenge format created by Royal Windsor Roller Derby. Royal Windsor Rollergirls hosted the first Sur5al challenge in April 2012. Just a year later Sur5al had spread from the UK to all around the world - with one weekend seeing Sur5al events hosted in three continents!

Sur5al events have now taken place in America, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and all across Europe, with more events planned all the time. Check out the Sur5al Facebook page for some past highlights

How it works... Sur5al is a one day roller derby challenge event. Up to 15 teams of 5 are involved, each playing every other team other just once throughout the day.

As in a standard roller derby bout, each jam lasts for 2 minutes BUT in Sur5al there’s no calling off the jam!

Rankings are based on a team’s performance in a jam: 5 points are awarded to the winning team, 2 points are awarded for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. Gaining Lead Jammer status gains your team an additional 1 point.

Be careful, though - 7 penalties still equals a foul-out, and if a player fouls out a team of 5 then becomes 4! No substitutes available here!

Sur5al can be themed, aimed at different skating levels, or made even more challenging: it really is up to you!

Over the years, highlights have included:

  • Sur5al For Boys (November 2012), where Team Douchebag (Southern Discomfort) were crowned the Sur5ors and broke all records when they won every jam, claimed every lead jammer point and picked up the awards for Jammer Take-outs and most points in a single jam, with Reaper picking up 46 points

  • Sur5al Heroes (April 2014) – an all gender event which saw each of the 15 teams captained by a Sur5al 'Hero' - most of them players from the men's and women's national teams. The winning team here was Orange is the New Black, captained by Rollin Stone R

  • Sur5al of the Fittest (August 2014)- a brutal all gender event with a twist:

    • No star passes were permitted but a star pass alarm meant both jammers must immediately remove their helmet cover and attempt a star pass
    • A gladiator challenge team made up of 5 Team England players. The Gladiators couldn't win the day, but any points scored against them were doubled
    • A planking penalty box!

For information on hosting your own Sur5al event please email us at with your email address, league and event details. We’ll send you a Sur5al Pack with everything you need to get going, (includes rules, scoreboard, logos and tracking sheets etc.).

...finally, if your league is planning on hosting an event we’d love it if you could share pictures of your Sur5al with us. We want to see what twists you can add to the challenge concept!